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What’s Faster? The Woolwich Ferry or Foot Tunnel

Woolwich has two ways of crossing the river – the Ferry (which is free to use for vehicles and pedestrians) and the foot tunnel for pedestrians. But which is the faster way across? Daniela and Geoff went out at he same time to find out ..

Top 100 Things To Do in London

Top 100 Things To Do in London

The Future of London Roads

London’s streets and roads are in the middle of a revolution: with measures to tackle congestion and pollution, new cycling and walking infrastructure, and plans for road tunnels and driverless cars – what does the future hold?

Top 5 Interview Questions Gone Wrong

Top 5 Interview Questions Gone Wrong

High Rise in the capital – BBC London

400 new high rise buildings are in the pipeline for the capital – but many believe that councils only allow such developments because they bring them massive revenue for greenlighting the planning consent. Mark Jordan reports.

The Met: Policing London

A new series of The Met: Policing London takes us behind the scenes of Britain’s biggest police force as they deal with life, death, crime and its victims 24 hours a day.

How London’s skyline could dramatically change

Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.

Inside London’s New £15 Billion Subway Line

London’s traffic is notoriously awful, but relief is on the way in the form of Crossrail, a massive expansion of the London Underground. The 11-year, £15 billion project will add 60 miles of track and 10 new stations, bringing mass transit to an additional 1.5 million people. Will Crossrail solve London’s traffic problem? Bloomberg’s Sam […]

A Thriving City : The changing face of the City of London

An insight in to the intense development activity in the City with new buildings under construction and in the pipeline which will ensure a bright and prosperous future for the City.

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